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OpenText connectors for Microsoft Power Automate

Quickly embed OpenText solutions into any process without coding

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Connect OpenText solutions with the Microsoft® Power Automate low-code automation platform to allow users to quickly create processes with minimal or no coding. OpenText™ connectors for Microsoft® Power Automate offers visual, drag-and-drop tools to build the user interface and logic and bring information and automation together across a multitude of applications.

Why choose OpenText connectors for Microsoft Power Automate?

  • Integrated business and productivity workflows

    Boost productivity, enhance governance and reduce silos by extending business workflows with personal workflows.

  • Enterprise-grade information governance

    Capture data and content from any application and leverage OpenText automated and defensible governance.

  • Agile SaaS content management

    Efficiently manage the content lifecycle around business processes while reaping the deployment, management, implementation and cost benefits of SaaS.

How connectors for Microsoft Power Automate can benefit businesses

Discover the advantages of using OpenText connectors for Microsoft Power Automate.

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Speed up the development process with low-code automation to bring customized business processes to market faster.

  • Minimize developer reliance

    Overcome a shortage of skilled developers by allowing non-technical users, such as business analysts or subject matter experts, to create and deploy business processes.

  • Streamline maintenance and scalability

    Easily maintain and update applications with built-in management and scaling tools.

  • Ensure compliance and security

    Comply with various regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, and ensure application, business process and data security.


  • Low-code integrations

    Integrates with any application in just a few clicks, allowing business users to enrich their business processes without the need to write code.

  • Streamlined deployment

    Offers out-of-the-box process templates so users can quickly design, test and deploy processes.

  • One subscription for all

    Provides access to all OpenText connectors from a single subscription, allowing organizations to use various OpenText solutions and optimize where and how content is utilized.

  • Easy-to-apply business logic

    Triggers events and applies business logic to content or data stored in or outside OpenText solutions with minimal effort.

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