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Even with new advances in technology and interoperability, many integrated health systems, hospitals, physician offices, and payers still accept fax as the standard for document exchange.

Digital, paperless fax is imperative for healthcare organizations that rely on fax but require greater security, data compatibility, and workflow improvement. Secure healthcare data delivery and capture solutions use digital faxing, enabled workflows, and integrations with electronic medical records (EMR) to improve efficiency, decrease costs, and improve care coordination with protected, enabled information exchange.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Reduce risk and improve patient care

    Access critical documents in real-time at the point of care with secure, enabled document delivery.

  • Speed time to value

    Simplify data delivery with digital, integrated fax and capture to reduce time spent on inefficient document processing and information management.

  • Improve care coordination

    Enhance care coordination with improved record sharing for safer care transitions and improved patient outcomes.

  • Streamline workflows

    Automate fax and improve workflows with an integrated information delivery system.

Business impacts

  • Information sharing

    All healthcare system departments, from scheduling to billing, need to send and receive critical information. However, multiple, disparate systems prevent teams from efficiently sharing data. Leverage integrations to securely deliver any document.

  • Workflows

    Many workflows in healthcare require complete, accurate information. Because critical data is captured and routed manually, it is prone to errors and slows information sharing. Automate workflows for better patient outcomes.

  • Fax from anywhere

    All staff, from clinicians to revenue cycle management, need to quickly get the correct information to the right people. Unfortunately, fax machines are location-dependent and are not always available. Send information from any location, any time.

  • Complex IT environments

    Consolidations, M&A's, and market changes mean healthcare organizations have multiple technologies and partners in place. Complexity across the ecosystem makes it difficult to send and receive faxes. Seamlessly exchange faxes across IT environments.

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The use of faxes can be considered HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant when certain security and privacy measures are implemented. HIPAA sets forth guidelines and standards for the protection of sensitive patient health information, known as Protected Health Information (PHI). Key considerations include encryption, secure fax lines, access controls, audit trails, transmission verification, secure disposal, and the use of cover sheets with confidentiality disclaimers.

You can fax HIPAA information if the corresponding security and privacy measures are upheld.

Fax remains a crucial way to securely exchange mission-critical information in healthcare. It meets demanding security and privacy requirements by ensuring encryption during transmission to prevent unauthorized access.

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