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Global IT service leader implements OpenText™ Dimensions RM and migrates all data within just four weeks, optimizing global workflows

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With more than 130,000 employees across 70-plus countries, DXC Technology (DXC) is a true giant of the IT services industry. The company offers world-class services around business process outsourcing, analytics and engineering, applications, security, cloud, IT outsourcing and modern workplace. Serving over 240 companies in the Fortune 500, DXC builds on more than six decades of innovation to solve complex technology challenges for its customers.

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  • Integrate systems for a major new infrastructure project.
  • Deploy a modern solution for software requirements management within a tight deadline.


  • Selected and deployed OpenText™ Dimensions RM within four months.
  • Worked with OpenText team to execute data migration rapidly and accurately.


  • Delivers end-to-end traceability for requirements
  • Enables rapid understanding of the impact of change requests
  • Provides clear overview of current status to all stakeholders
  • Offers tight integration with other in-house and customer systems


  • Need for a full-featured software requirements management solution during a live project
  • Short timeframe to integrate an enterprise-level requirements management tool

Seeking an enterprise-class tool

When DXC was selected as master systems integrator for a major new infrastructure project in the Asia-Pacific region, IT requirements management was high on the agenda. With responsibility for three major platforms—hosting, integration, and cyber security—DXC needed to manage all the relevant requirements and documentation.

Lyle Heckrath, Implementation Specialist at DXC Technology, says: “We wanted a modern, enterprise-level requirements management tool with comprehensive out-of-the-box integration capabilities and advanced traceability and reporting capabilities. And we aimed to find a tool that would be easy to deploy and use.”

We completed the implementation within just four weeks, and the Micro Focus [now OpenText™] team was instrumental in our success, providing highly skilled resources who went the extra mile to meet our deadline.

Lyle Heckrath
Implementation specialist, DXC Technology


DXC selected OpenText Dimensions RM for its high-speed deployment capabilities, for its out-of-the-box integration capabilities, and for the enterprise-class support and migration services available from OpenText.

Products deployed

Achieving rapid implementation

As the infrastructure project was already in progress, DXC wanted to find and deploy a requirements management tool within a four-month period between two project milestones. Working with Micro Focus (now OpenText™), DXC determined that Dimensions RM met all of its functional requirements, including pre-built DOORS integration.

“The ability of the now OpenText team to rapidly stand up a SaaS test environment with a test migration from our existing system to Dimensions RM was a key factor in our decision,” says Lyle Heckrath. “We completed the implementation within just four weeks, and the Micro Focus [now OpenText team was instrumental in our success, providing highly skilled resources who went the extra mile to meet our deadline. They also executed the full data migration from our previous environment during this timeframe,and provided training and go-live support to ensure a smooth adoption by our team.”

DXC has integrated Dimensions RM bi-directionally with OpenText ALM/Quality Center using OpenText Connect, and with its customer's Rational DOORS system using the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) capabilities within Dimensions RM.

Managing complexity and dependencies

Dimensions RM enables business analysts, solution architects, project managers and QA managers at DXC to manage incoming requirements from the customer, analyze them, design and develop the appropriate solutions, test them, and manage all the surrounding documentation. The OpenText™ solution supports all the complex integrations and interactions with other processes, systems and teams – ultimately helping to ensure that the customer's business requirements are translated into working, maintainable software that meets those requirements.

The highly visual approach within Dimensions RM makes it easy for DXC to manage complexity through a graphical workflow, role-based dashboards and wizard-driven reporting. The tool also helps the team to understand dependencies between requirements and manage iterative changes in an agile manner, all while coordinating activities and approvals with all stakeholders.

“Dimensions RM gives us outstanding reporting capabilities, end-to-end traceability, robust integration, and an efficient toolset to analyze the impact of changes,” says Lyle Heckrath. “We can exchange data constantly with our customer to keep them up to speed, and to understand the latest changes from their side.”

Dimensions RM gives us outstanding reporting capabilities, end-to-end traceability, robust integration, and an efficient toolset to analyze the impact of changes.

Lyle Heckrath
Implementation specialist, DXC Technology


With Dimensions RM, DXC has a powerful toolset for understanding dependencies between requirements and managing change in an iterative and highly agile way.

Streamlining requirements management

With Dimensions RM, DXC can efficiently understand the impact of ongoing change requests on overall project timelines and deliverables, which reduces the overall complexity and effort involved in requirements management. The data and relationships created by DXC can be rapidly visualized in the format requested by the customer and easily exchanged with the customer’s own systems.

Based on this successful rollout, DXC is now planning to extend the usage of Dimensions RM to other projects and groups. “Part and parcel of why we chose Dimensions RM was wanting to have a streamlined approach to requirements management,” says Lyle Heckrath. “Dimensions RM combines with other OpenText products that we access through the partner program to give us a highly capable requirements management environment to offer to prospective customers.”

Beyond the software itself, DXC values its relationship with OpenText as an element in solving customer challenges. “From what we’ve seen, OpenText has a proven capacity to deliver state-of-the-art enterprise solutions that are helping us be more efficient in managing complexity and achieving end-to-end traceability,” says Lyle Heckrath. “The level of support we saw during the implementation and beyond was outstanding and was a key success factor. Whenever we have issues or questions, we feel that we can get fast, high-quality support from the OpenText engineers.”

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