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Processing supplier invoices is critical for a resilient supply chain. However, invoices may arrive prior to goods or services, require additional approvals or have a complex tax structure. Accounts Payable specialists need the support of almost everybody in the organization to resolve these exceptions, a time-consuming process that can delay payment and frustrate suppliers.

Supplier Invoice Management for SAP® solutions help companies optimize end-to-end invoice processing inside SAP to reduce the time between receipt and the ability to pay.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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    Improve working capital

    Take advantage of early payment discounts and gain full transparency into liabilities.

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    Reduce supplier calls

    Give suppliers self-service capabilities to track invoice status and payment details at any time.

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    Focus on value-add activities

    Spend less time with manual data entry, lookups and problem routing and leverage process insights to optimize the supply chain.

  • Reduce fraud risk

    Automate processing, ensure a strict duty segregation and detect duplicate or fraudulent invoices as early as possible.

Business impacts

  • Invoice automation

    Many organizations are moving toward invoice automation. Yet when all relevant information is not utilized, automation just delivers bad results faster. Use and combine all invoice details with the related information and processing history in SAP.

  • Invoice exceptions

    Stakeholders across the organization are involved in the invoice exception process. Relying on email, phone or paper for discussion and approval is time-consuming and can cause compliance issues. Integrate task coordination in SAP.

  • Process visibility

    Source-to-pay and invoice management involve disparate tools and systems. Poor end-to-end visibility makes it challenging to track invoice status, ensure compliance and identify root causes for exceptions. Coordinate the entire process in SAP.

  • Application infrastructure

    Over time, organizations end up with a complex application infrastructure running more than one SAP instance. This expansive, aging technology is difficult to monitor, maintain and operate. Centralize processing across multiple SAP instances.

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