Sales Tools and Sales Enablement

Amplify customer conversations with engaging and consistent content


Client reviewing product solutions with a sales representative.

Successful B2B salespeople need to motivate customers with compelling and persuasive content in each conversation. Sales representatives who are always equipped with the right content can quickly respond to queries and prepare customized collateral with consistent and compliant messaging.

Sales Tools and Sales Enablement solutions consolidate content so sales representatives can rapidly create targeted portals and microsites to distribute collateral.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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    Reduce response time

    Enable sales teams to quickly access the right content and respond to opportunities and customer queries.

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    Improve brand consistency

    Use the same assets across all channels to ensure core brand messages are reinforced in every customer interaction.

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    Ensure compliance

    Distribute only the latest approved version to avoid using out-of-date, inappropriate or unapproved collateral.

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    Increase relevance

    Identify the best content for each customer with analytics that track engagement.

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    Improve content

    Utilize built-in workflows and analytics to streamline content creation and improve performance.

Business impacts

  • Sales presentations

    Sales teams continuously need to create presentations to win new business. Yet, finding assets across multiple systems and manually downloading them takes too much of their time that could be spent selling. Consolidate assets for rapid creation.

  • Remote access

    Agents need to be able to respond to customer requests even when they are out of the office. Legacy systems do not provide secure, remote access to content, hampering agents’ response. Enable remote access from anywhere and any device.

  • Cross-functional collaboration

    Multiple teams must collaborate to produce sales content. With tasks spread across disparate systems, the process slows and sales representatives do not get what they need in a timely manner. Unify processes in a single platform.

  • Campaign launches and brand updates

    Organizations need to ensure campaign launches and brand updates are synchronized across multiple channels. Late changes to release dates can result in premature or unauthorized content use. Schedule date restrictions to guarantee brand consistency.

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