Remote Access for Field Workers

Improve efficiency and safety with remote access to critical engineering data


Engineer reviewing data on a mobile device in the field

Utilities, Manufacturing, Public Sector and other critical industries need to maintain business continuity and avoid service disruption. To keep operations flowing, field-based staff and contractors need access to the latest engineering drawings, safety guidelines, standards and procedures. Companies typically store that information in an enterprise content management system but lack effective means to distribute, update and provide access to it.

Remote Access for Field Workers solutions enable remote access to up-to-date critical documents, ensuring compliance and safe and effective work.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Reduce search time and improve accuracy and quality by enabling field staff to self-provision technical procedures on a mobile device.

  • Manage updates

    Ensure field workers have the latest version of frequently updated technical documents.

  • Maintain compliance

    Give engineers the most up-to-date information directly on their mobile devices to easily comply with the latest regulatory processes and specifications.

  • Reduce cost and risk

    Streamline mobile access to critical content to reduce the cost and time spent collecting data from the source and the risk of using outdated information.

Business impacts

  • Operator health and safety

    Engineers need the latest documentation to ensure safe and efficient field work. Because paper documentation can quickly become out-of-date, staff are at increased risk of experiencing safety issues. Enable remote access to minimize safety risks.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Companies must prove to regulatory bodies that their field workers are following the latest regulations and industry standards. Paper-based documentation makes this a tedious, manual task prone to errors. Centralize updates and distribution.

  • Contractors

    Third-party workers must adhere to the same regulations and standards as employees. Without access to the latest documentation, contractors may disrupt operations or be exposed to safety risks. Enforce compliance with remote document access.

  • SOP distribution

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are constantly changing, requiring operations management to notify and push changes to field workers. Distributing paper-based SOPs is time-consuming and increases the odds mistakes are made. Automate distribution to streamline operations.

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