Marketing Asset Management

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See how global brands can create and distribute compelling digital content.

Marketing teams are asked to produce ever-expanding digital content volumes to serve new channels and reach more customers. Increasing output without diminishing quality taxes resources.

Marketing Asset Management solutions enhance productivity with customizable workflows, automated publishing and integrations with all the other applications on which marketing and creative teams rely.

Key Benefits

Make better decisions, reduce review cycles and publish faster to achieve better results.

  • Optimize creative workflows

    Automate repetitive tasks, track project progression and measure content performance with custom workflows, flexible metadata and seamless integrations.

  • Easily expand to new channels

    Leverage a rich media repository to rapidly adapt to emerging customer touchpoints while ensuring brand and style consistency.

  • Save time

    Increase productivity with a powerful search tool that helps teams quickly obtain the right content for each marketing campaign.

  • Track and analyze highly targeted campaigns

    Synchronize data, experiment with content, test audience engagement and analyze results based on KPIs, clicks and site interaction for a complete campaign view.

Business impacts

  • Creative collaboration

    Marketing projects are complex and involve multiple teams, such as creative, legal and sales. Disconnected systems hinder collaboration and reduce output quality. Align on projects to increase productivity, consistency and impact.

  • Intelligence and automation

    Marketing teams must keep up with demand for new, personalized content delivered on all channels. Budgets do not increase at the same pace as demand, taxing resources. Leverage AI and process automation to multiply productivity.

  • Data-driven decisions

    Effective marketing activities require informed decisions. With data stored in multiple systems, marketers do not have a full picture and rely on instinct and opinion. Collect and analyze data for intelligent decision-making.

  • Marketing applications

    Marketing professionals use unique applications for tasks, such as graphic design, budgets and social platform management. Switching between applications is inefficient and frustrating. Connect isolated applications to improve employee satisfaction.

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