Management of Capital Projects and Transmittals

Improve project visibility and control to drive efficiency and control costs


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Asset-intensive industries, such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Chemicals and Metals and Mining, are under pressure to deliver capital projects on time and on budget. These large-scale projects require tightly coordinated planning, decision making, resources and execution, but are hindered by fragmented workflows, limited document visibility and growing supplier complexity. Management of Capital Products and Transmittals solutions improve collaboration, communication and information exchange to mitigate risk, drive accountability and reduce delays.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Keep costs in check

    Gain insights into the status of deliverables, project progression and changes to schedule and scope to minimize costly delays.

  • Drive accountability

    Streamline process reviews, handovers and approvals to gain quality control across contractors, engineering, suppliers, vendors and other third parties.

  • Accelerate time-to-milestone completion

    Improve information exchange and collaboration, within projects and during handover, to boost project team agility and productivity and reach milestones faster.

  • Enhance informed decisions

    Ensure key stakeholders have visibility and fast access to a single source of accurate project documentation.

  • Reduce risk

    Maintain compliance with complex and shifting requirements tied to environment, health and safety, permitting and licensing standards.

Business impacts

  • Document control

    Stakeholders in capital projects need to create, manage, review and approve documentation across the project lifecycle. Fragmented workflows make document control difficult. Streamline document creation, management and distribution.

  • Milestone tracking

    Engineers and others need to track deliverables and milestones. Progress is often tracked across multiple systems that lack real-time visibility into design and development status and contractual standards. Enable real-time milestone tracking.

  • Stakeholder collaboration

    Capital projects generate high volumes of unstructured documents that need to be shared internally and externally. Legacy systems do not provide an efficient way to exchange information, hampering collaboration. Simplify information exchange.

  • Reviews and approvals

    New or changed project information, such as technical drawings, must go through quality control. Email or other unstructured workflows make it hard to track status and revisions. Streamline document review and approval processes.

  • Siloed documentation

    Asset-intensive industries need a full audit trail of documentation. Engineering information is siloed and unorganized, making it hard to access and keep up to date. Integrate engineering information with other content for a single source of truth.

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