Legacy Application Decommissioning

Archive obsolete application data to consolidate and simplify infrastructure

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Organizations accumulate terabytes (or petabytes) of business-complete application data on various IT systems. This dormant data affects application scalability, data relevance and costs and represents a mounting risk of non-compliance.

Integrated archiving consolidates and packages this data for secure, long-term preservation while making it searchable and accessible to the users who require it.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Decommission obsolete applications

    Eliminate the costs of operating and supporting aging applications that hold large volumes of rarely-accessed data, including structured data and attachments.

  • Consolidate infrastructure and move to the cloud

    Combine multiple pools of data under a single, secure archive platform or host data in the cloud with a single point of access and control.

  • Comply with long-term data retention and security requirements

    Apply business-driven retention policies to preserve content in encrypted form on immutable storage, comply with legal holds and schedule and execute defensible disposal.

  • Search and present legacy data in a familiar format

    Search and view complex structured data or attachments in hundreds of formats without hosting the original application.

Business impacts

  • Changing regulatory demands

    It is difficult to keep up with evolving regulatory demands. IT managers must adapt inflexible or non-supported applications to new retention, security, privacy protection, or large-scale legal hold requirements. Keep all data stores compliant.

  • Data migration costs

    Moving legacy data to new applications in the cloud can be costly. Often there are substantial migration and data-volume subscription costs to consider. Slash data migration costs by archiving business-complete data.

  • Access historical data from active applications

    Users need access to archived data in their daily work. The ability to search and display contextually relevant data and attachments in legacy formats is critical to maintaining user productivity. Preserve information value with strong data access.

  • Archive large-scale print streams in AFP format

    Retiring mainframes often requires preserving customer communication print streams for compliance. Organizations need a scalable archive to address both compliance and user/consumer on-demand viewing. Easily comply with regulatory requirements.

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