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Consumers almost exclusively manage health data, handle finances, conduct research, and make decisions online. But for those with visual impairments, this autonomy isn’t guaranteed. Accessibility and privacy are closely intertwined, affecting personal control and independence.

OpenText™ Enterprise Document Accessibility solutions empower organizations to create, manage, and distribute accessible, ADA- and 508-compliant documents. Achieve accessibility compliance by establishing an inclusive digital ecosystem where privacy and independence are universal.

Key benefits

Create, manage, and distribute ADA- and 508-compliant documents and ensure web accessibility compliance with Enterprise Document Accessibility solutions.

  • Save time and improve accuracy

    Convert documents into accessible formats automatically with AI.

  • Personalize content

    Customize document accessibility to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual users, including PDF/UA, large print, HTML, and mobile.

  • Streamline accessibility testing

    Automate the document-testing process for compliance with accessibility standards, ensuring legal adherence and true inclusivity.

  • Reduce regulatory risk

    Ensure your organization creates accessible documents that comply with current regulations—including ADA, Section 508, and the EU Accessibility Act—as well as new ones.

  • Meet any volume needs

    Transform high-volume print streams into accessible PDF documents with clearer structures for all users.

Business impacts

  • Document accessibility

    Organizations need to ensure their documents are accessible to everyone. Many documents are designed for the general user, forgetting accessibility features and excluding users with disabilities. Foster an inclusive experience for all users.

  • Accessibility compliance

    Government and other regulatory bodies have passed laws and standards to promote accessibility. High volumes and evolving regulations make it difficult for organizations to stay compliant. Ensure compliance and reduce legal risk.

  • High document volumes

    Enterprises need to create, manage, and distribute high volumes of PDF-accessible documents to a variety of users. This is often done manually, consuming valuable time and resources. Boost productivity with AI.

  • User experience

    Users expect organizations to deliver documents that are easy to navigate, understand, and use. Doing this manually takes time and introduces the possibility of human error. Automate accessibility to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Global expansion

    Companies want to reach a global audience to propel growth. Making documents accessible in multiple languages pulls resources away from more strategic initiatives. Leverage AI and automation to easily meet global accessibility needs.

  • Ethical leadership

    Consumers and employees increasingly seek organizations committed to ethical business practices. Organizations struggle with the time and effort required to meet the needs of diverse user groups. Easily embrace accessibility and inclusivity.

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