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See how to streamline personalized customer communications in Salesforce®

In today's competitive digital marketplace, organizations must effectively and consistently communicate with customers across every channel and medium, including print, email, SMS, web, mobile and social. Often, these communications originate from departments working in siloed and disparate systems, resulting in inconsistent messaging, errors and frustrated customers.

With Customer Engagement Documents for Salesforce solutions, users can quickly develop customer correspondence straight from their CRM platform, enhancing client engagement and loyalty, boosting revenue and reducing costs.

Key benefits

Streamline personalized customer communications to achieve better results.

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    Improve efficiency

    Create all customer correspondence from a single source, using CRM data to update, repurpose and personalize material faster and with less effort.

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    Enhance consistency

    Ensure only approved information is used in customer engagement documents to retain strict control over brand and messaging.

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    Maximize upsell potential

    Leverage CRM systems to immediately engage customers and capitalize on upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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    Automate personalization

    Optimize all complicated operational content and process issues with personalization for higher customer engagement.

Business impacts

  • Customer satisfaction

    Users must quickly respond to customer inquiries. Moving from system to system to access needed information slows response time, frustrating customers. Create and generate communications directly from the CRM to speed response and delight customers.

  • Communication systems

    Organizations rely on multiple communication systems. This requires employees to learn various complicated functions, options and interfaces. Give employees access to all customer engagement documents in the familiar Salesforce interface.

  • Communication consistency

    Different departments send out customer communications. With each one creating their own materials and working from their own system, organizations struggle to control content and messaging. Centralize communications to maintain brand standards.

  • Customer experience

    Engaging, relevant communications help attract and retain customers. Without the ability to personalize or target offers, opportunities to cross-sell and upsell are missed. Utilize customer data within Salesforce to target messages to customer preferences.

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