Content Analysis and Risk Mitigation

Analyze and classify content, remove redundant material and preserve and protect the rest


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Organizations accumulate terabytes of unmanaged documents, images and other media that require action. Although this content may be dormant, unstructured content can pose serious risks, including non-compliance with regulatory retention requirements and embarrassing data leaks. Content analysis helps automatically scan, evaluate and protect this information, or remove duplicate or obsolete content, to take control.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Identify content housed in file shares

    Assign classifications using business rules and intelligent analytics tools to index petabytes of previously unmanaged and uncontrolled content.

  • Remove redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) content

    Eliminate duplicate or otherwise unnecessary data to radically reduce the volume of content that must be migrated to a controlled store.

  • Identify sensitive and risky content

    Use advanced analytics and trained AI models to identify potentially harmful content and images or sensitive personal data that must be well-secured and protected.

  • Take active control of content

    Review progress and develop automated rules to remove unneeded content or preserve and secure content in a long-term repository or archive.

Business impacts

  • File-share compliance

    Organizations accumulate terabytes of unmanaged or unknown content. Without governance, the unknown data is at risk of non-compliance with regulatory retention or privacy controls. Identify and manage all stores of content.

  • Sensitive personal information

    Multiple teams across the enterprise can access sensitive personal data, which must be properly encrypted and managed, yet manual processes make it easy for sensitive information to be missed and unprotected. Easily find and secure personal data.

  • Cloud migration

    Upgrading to a cloud-based content system can represent sizable operational and cost savings, but only if it’s relevant data. Prepare legacy content for cloud migration by ensuring obsolete or redundant data is removed.

  • Risky content

    Thousands of messages and documents are created, shared and uploaded in an organization. They all potentially contain risky content, such as violence, weapons or alcohol use that could harm an organization’s reputation. Identify risk and take action.

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