Asset Track and Trace for Manufacturing

Optimize asset utilization, performance and effectiveness

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Manufacturing organizations need to reduce asset loss, improve logistics and increase efficiency, which requires improved visibility into asset location and performance. Manual efforts are time-consuming and prone to error. Without real-time intelligence, uptime and asset productivity go down and maintenance and inventory costs go up.

Asset Track and Trace for Manufacturing solutions automate asset tracking to streamline operations, improve utilization and reduce manual efforts.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Track asset in real time

    Automate asset registration and enable real-time tracking and performance monitoring.

  • Optimize asset inventory costs

    Account for all assets and their condition to improve utilization and avoid unnecessary duplicate spending.

  • Avoid compliance fines

    Meet operation specifications and ensure safe operations to reduce compliance risk tied to untracked assets.

  • Reduce operating costs

    Minimize downtimes and optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Optimize asset performance with real-time monitoring.

Business impacts

  • Asset management

    Manufacturing organizations own thousands of assets. Manually tracking and monitoring each one is time-consuming and often grossly inaccurate. Digitize tracking to ensure accurate inventory control.

  • Asset deployment

    Assets arrive and are registered in inventory, but status is tracked manually. When it is time to deploy an asset, operations teams must scramble to find exactly where it is and its current condition. Leverage real-time location and availability data.

  • Asset maintenance

    Maintenance teams perform scheduled checks, but unmonitored assets can fail without warning or are unnecessarily updated. This unpredictability reduces productivity and increases costs. Monitor assets in real-time to improve efficiency and uptime.

  • Asset insights

    Manufacturing organizations hope to achieve maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Paper-based tracking and disconnected systems limit their visibility into asset performance. Collect asset data at scale to improve asset utilization.

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