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OpenText™ Vertica™ Accelerator is Vertica-as-a-Service (SaaS) that delivers a unified, high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform with automated cloud setup and help with onboarding. It runs in your own AWS cloud account, with automation from the Vertica management plane.

Key benefits of OpenText Vertica Accelerator

Easy administration

Vertica Accelerator automation handles upgrades, backups, and installation, so that you can focus on your analytics and machine learning.

Autoscaling and autoscheduling

Ramp up compute automatically, with the advantage of user-defined guardrails to avoid high surprise bills.

Freedom to negotiate

Use your negotiated discounts, savings plans, and reserved instances previously set up on your secure AWS account.

Analytics that scales

As your data and analysis needs grow—more users, more use cases, more data—Vertica Accelerator can grow with you.

Data democratization

Provide dedicated workload resources for all analysts and data scientists without worrying that other workloads will slow you down.

Backed by Vertica experts

Vertica Accelerator includes a personalized onboarding experience to ensure you get the most out of your analytics setup, including cross-account IAM linkage and ongoing monitoring and upgrades.

How it works

  • The Vertica Accelerator web-based UI runs in Vertica’s Amazon Cloud. Cross-account Identity and Access Management (IAM) link established during onboarding.

  • Management plane servers directly connect, set up, and manage databases created in your own AWS account.

  • No data movement outside of your AWS servers and storage environment. Direct payment to AWS using negotiated rates and EDP.


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Protecting your most valuable asset—your data—and more. To protect your data and more, Vertica has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, as well as Soc 2, Type II. That means you can rest easy knowing that Vertica is committed to ensuring that everything from information security to asset management and control to cryptography and so much more adheres to the most stringent security policies and latest cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Certified by ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type II.


Feature Vertica Accelerator Snowflake AWS Redshift Teradata Vantage
Architecture Blue checkmark Blue alert Blue checkmark
VPC on AWS. Single Tenant Multi Tenant. Hosted by vendor VPC on AWS. Single Tenant
Scalability Blue checkmark Blue alert Blue alert
Choose node size, unlimited horizontal scaling No choice on node size, auto scale limits Auto scale & query limits, 50 max queued queries Manual downtime required
Performance Blue checkmark Blue alert
Max concurrency and query optimization, automatically partitions data Weak in concurrency, cost-based optimization and vectorization Weak in concurrency, limited cost-based optimization Cost-based optimization, rule-based optimization
Functions Blue checkmark Blue alert Blue alert Blue alert
619 SQL functions, ML and Adv Analytics. NO ADDITIONAL COSTS 383 SQL functions. Integration w/ML Analytics. ALL ADDITIONAL COST 229 SQL functions, old Postgres 8.0.2. SageMaker, Time Series, other. ALL ADDITIONAL COST SQL standard. ML & Graph. FOR ADDITIONAL COST
Pricing/Cost Blue checkmark Blue dash Blue dash
No markup on hardware, transparency on usage, payment to AWS using negotiated rates Bundled software and hardware w/markup on both, no transparency on node costs, no burn down of AWS committed spend Node based pricing with software included, published discounts for committed spend

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