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OpenText STP Financial Hub

Reduce manual work and minimize operational risk with automated end-to-end processing


See how STP Financial Hub augments payment messaging and file processing

OpenText™ STP Financial Hub is a scalable messaging platform offering straight-through processing for financial institutions that offers unmatched visibility from order entry to order settlement. The complete solution provides end-to-end straight-through processing, wealth management and middle office flows for corporate, bank, broker and custodian activities.

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  • Trusted industry leader

    Join the more than 300 leading companies relying on OpenText’s STP software for in-depth payment visibility and key insights.

  • Seamless integration

    Enjoy painless implementation as the payment processing system is integrated with existing infrastructure through whatever mechanisms best support organizational needs.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Allow users to display a variety of fields for each transaction with customizable blotters and enable filtering and quick viewing of transactions based on specific criteria.

Benefits of an STP platform

Discover the advantages of straight-through processing for financial services.

  • Increase flexibility

    Manage a wide range of processes from settlement and payment instructions to subscription/buy, redemption/sell, switch and transfer orders leveraging any data formats.

  • Enhance control and security

    Leverage a multilevel maker-checker workflow manager that supports multicurrency integrated processing in a flexible, secure, zero-footprint browser environment.

  • Improve transparency and manage by exception

    Enable operational teams and clients to quickly identify exceptions and take corrective actions with real-time access to transaction summary dashboards.

  • Simplify software management

    Leverage a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, with no software to license, implement or maintain, via a monthly subscription.


  • Wealth management and capital market capabilities

    Provides straight-through processing with visibility from execution to settlement for trades of equities, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs and alternative investments, and manages millions of transactions per month for more than 300 counterparties.

  • Payments portal

    Offers a web-based portal to augment payment messaging and files processing with a variety of client-enablement features, that establish self-service controls for value-limits, monitor transaction lifecycles and more.

  • FX connectivity

    Allows the FX desk to send and receive all their orders in one format (e.g., FIX), while providing flexibility for clients to connect in various formats, including file and SWIFT, to create a single payment processing system.

  • Flexible reporting

    Enables the production of standardized and customized reports, for one-time or recurrent use, that can be exported for download or scheduled for transmission via email, API, SFTP, CSV, XLSX, or other agreed format.

Frequently asked questions

Straight-through processing (STP) is a type of automated process that is carried out through electronic transfers without the need for any manual processes. STP systems are commonly used for payment processing.

The benefits of straight-through processing for financial services include speeding up transaction times, improving data accuracy and simplifying cross-border payments.

An STP financial hub automates manual processes by replacing traditional paper-based transactions with electronic data transfers. This helps minimize errors and speed order processing, resulting in a more efficient payment transfer service.

Straight-through processing minimizes manual processes and printed documentation. Traditional banking transactions require a payment initiator, data entry clerk, data supervisor and payment processor. STP software takes care of the latter three roles and digitizes all stages.

STP software enables commercial lending services to streamline the initiation and settlement of payments, resulting in a faster, more reliable process. Payment process digitization also increases the speed, accuracy and flexibility of reporting and compliance tasks.

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