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OpenText Cloud

Unlock valuable insights, protect data, and promote responsibility with a comprehensive suite of information management solutions that interconnect across clouds with end-to-end integrations and AI.

OpenText™ Cloud provides tools tailored to specific needs so organizations can solve the most complex information management problems they face today—for any data type, any user, anywhere, at any speed, any rules.

How OpenText Cloud can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using cloud.

  • Off cloud

    Leverage off-cloud, on-premises software, managed by your organization or by OpenText.

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  • Private cloud

    Realize the value of each investment while extending capabilities across the entire organization. Accelerate cloud strategies with OpenText cloud experts.

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  • Public cloud/SaaS applications

    Accelerate digital transformation with ready-to-use SaaS applications.

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  • API services

    Develop, connect, and extend your information management capabilities.

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Connect clouds at scale

OpenText Cloud

Data is everywhere. Manage it at scale and across clouds with end-to-end integrations and AI-led automation.

Overcome data challenges and optimize decision-making

Analyze massive amounts of data with artificial intelligence solutions. Get self-service insights and improved visibility.

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Unlock the value within core business applications

Find the unique balance between change, cost and risk by providing scalability, reliability and high security.

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Connect once, reach anything

Connect people, processes and technologies, and empower secure collaboration and real-time business intelligence in a single, unified platform capable of building global and sustainable supply chains, rapidly onboarding new trading partners and removing information silos.

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Manage the content that powers business

Modernize work through improved integrations, robust content management and intelligent automation, connecting content with the digital business to eliminate silos and provide convenient, secure and compliant remote access to information.

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Prevent, detect, recover, investigate and comply

Enjoy peace of mind with best-in-class cybersecurity, data protection, digital forensic and endpoint security solutions. Find and collect complex evidence faster and respond to cyberthreats remotely.

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Information management as a service

Create compelling enterprise applications, enhance existing on-premises investments or extend solutions to the cloud faster and more cost-effectively with developer API services.

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Accelerate your application delivery with testing, quality and AI-powered automation

Deliver more and better software than your competition, and do it faster, with OpenText application delivery management solutions. Automate DevOps, exploit VSM the easy way and accelerate difficult activities across your digital value stream—from planning, through development and testing, all the way to delivery.

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Keep customers for life

Build memorable and tailored customer experiences using a single platform with an unmatched breadth of capabilities for servicing the entire customer journey.

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Switch to smarter digital operations to create competitive advantage

Form a unified IT automation platform that enables IT to keep pace with digitization. Complete the move to cloud and address the skilled staff shortage by leaning on AI and automation to optimize IT.

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Deliver remote workforce solutions to work securely anywhere, anytime, on any device

Support the mobile workforce convergence while providing complete compliance for highly regulated industries. Get secure access to data from any device, anywhere.

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Why choose the OpenText Cloud platform?

  • Drive competitive advantage

    Simplify business and stay competitive and agile with an expanded ecosystem that enables greater innovation and delivers better business outcomes.

  • Realize higher return on investment (ROI)

    Extend on-premises investments with cloud solutions to improve performance and collaboration while yielding higher returns.

  • Gain flexibility

    Solve evolving business needs quickly and reliably in the cloud, from infrastructure, networking, and security to software applications, customizations, integrations, and even business functions.

  • Reimagine business

    Remove the burden of infrastructure investment and administration and focus on innovation and business transformation by migrating information and business processes to the cloud.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Shift workloads to the cloud to reduce risk, accelerate time-to-value, and improve application availability, leveraging full-featured solutions, integrations support, and continuous updates to lower TCO by up to 30 percent.

  • Innovate business at scale

    Take advantage of new product features without the complexity of software upgrades, so you can scale on demand.

Leaders trust OpenText

See how customers are succeeding with the OpenText Cloud.

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