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OpenText Module Suite for Extended ECM by AnswerModules

Enable and accelerate digital transformation



OpenText™ Module Suite for Extended ECM by AnswerModules is a digital transformation enabler and accelerator that digitizes existing business processes and creates new tailored business applications on top of OpenText™ Extended ECM.

Why choose OpenText Module Suite for Extended ECM by AnswerModules?

  • Accelerated digital transformation

    Rapidly digitize business processes and create unique business applications on top of Extended ECM.

  • Adaptability for any business requirements

    Personalize the platform to meet unique business requirements and satisfy any business need.

  • New business use-cases

    Expand on OpenText™ Extended ECM capabilities and implement business solutions in the same platform where business content is managed.

How Module Suite for Extended ECM by AnswerModules can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Module Suite for Extended ECM by AnswerModules.

  • Boost end-user productivity and adoption

    Leverage tailored and automated business processes or applications that perfectly match the Line of Business requirements to enhance user productivity.

  • Increase ROI

    Maximize the ECM platform investment and obtain greater value with extended capabilities and new use cases.

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership

    Replace custom developments with a more maintainable technology and reduce the efforts of modifying business solutions.

  • Create cloud-ready solutions

    Utilize a certified solution to maintain the flexibility of creating unique business solutions and personalization in the cloud.

  • Accelerate project delivery

    Deliver business solutions in days not months using intuitive editors that are not based on proprietary languages and have a low learning curve.

  • Offer a flexible technology stack

    Leverage an add-on solution that requires zero additional infrastructure and is not dependent on any other module.


  • Intelligent forms

    Provides advanced and dynamic forms for any business scenario or business requirement.

  • Functional UIs and UX

    Personalizes the UI/UX so it is business-centric, highly intuitive and contextualized to what end-users need.

  • Enhanced workflows

    Expands the standard Extended ECM workflow engine capabilities with custom business logic, robust error handling, automation and increased integrations.

  • Boosted integration

    Makes it easier to interact with any leading application, data source or third-party that exposes SOAP Web Services or REST APIs.

  • Smart automation

    Automates any business process, task or chain of action regardless of complexity.

  • Rapid connector creation

    Creates new connectors to integrate Extended ECM with any leading application in a matter of days and exposes additional functionality in the Extended ECM widget.

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