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OpenText Experience CDP

Personalize experiences and communications to create customers for life

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Optimize data-driven experiences to improve conversion rates

OpenText™ Experience CDP unifies customer data to enable organizations to deliver the right interaction at the right time, in the right place and in the right context. Providing a common view of customer profile and audience data across various touchpoints, Experience CDP allows businesses to provide relevant and contextual customer experiences and communications.

Why choose OpenText Experience CDP?

  • Unified customer engagement

    Break customer engagement silos to personalize experiences and communications and achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Audience aggregation

    Combine audiences from disparate sources, such as Google Analytics and Google BigQuery, to focus and personalize messaging to those most receptive to it.

  • Deployment flexibility

    Choose the right deployment option, whether on-premises, in a virtual private cloud, in a public cloud or through OpenText™ Managed Services, for the organization’s needs.

How Experience CDP can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using OpenText Experience CDP.

  • Enhance existing solutions

    Provide rich and relevant customer experiences through OpenText™ TeamSite™ and enable targeted communications through OpenText™ Exstream™.

  • Personalize customer experiences

    Deliver the right message at the right time and through the right channel to increase conversion rates.

  • Maximize productivity

    Leverage easy personalization at scale to get the most from marketing efforts.

  • Centralize governance

    Improve customer data management and regulation compliance with a single system integrated with frontline applications.


  • Customer profiles and audiences

    Creates and manages customer profiles to unite data, such as behavioral and demographic, from multiple sources.

  • Integration with Google Marketing Platform

    Gathers valuable segment and audience data to feed Experience CDP.

  • Integration with TeamSite and Exstream

    Improves and personalizes customer experiences and communications while continuously enriching customer profiles, enabling personalization at scale.

  • Custom connector capability

    Allows users to create connectors for any other data source or application.

  • Privacy control

    Securely captures and controls data as required by privacy rules and regulations, such as GDPR.

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