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OpenText eDOCS Defense

Mitigate the risks and costs of an internal data breach


Protect your organization against a data breach with eDOCS Defense

OpenText™ eDOCS Defense is a document security module available within the eDOCS platform. offering two additional layers of security, document level encryption at rest and proactive activity monitoring, for sensitive data.

Why choose OpenText eDOCS Defense?

  • Maximize document security with encryption at rest

    Provide unparalleled protection for sensitive data with document level encryption at rest.

  • Proactively monitor for internal threats

    Get real-time alerts on unusual activity and lock potential internal abusers out of the system before it is too late with robust activity monitoring.

How eDOCS Defense can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using eDOCS Defense.

  • Close the security gap

    Encrypt sensitive documents and emails at the document library level, closing the security gap left by encryption at the device level and ensure only authorized users can view the contents.

  • Detect and pre-empt internal data breaches

    Get comprehensive activity monitoring and set configurable alerts for proactive data breach protection.

  • Minimize the risks and costs of an internal data breach

    Limit the opportunities for a breach of sensitive content by restricting activities, such as export, printing, downloading and emailing at the document level.

  • Maintain control over document level access

    Maximize the ease and efficiency of managing user authorization rights to documents within the eDOCS interface.


  • Document level encryption at rest

    Encrypts data at the document level to ensure even people with server access rights are not able to view the content of the documents without proper authorization.

  • Real-time activity monitoring and alerts

    Mitigates risk with real-time monitoring and configurable alerts to flag unusual activity, lock potential abusers out of the system and send automatic notifications to initiate a breach investigation.

  • Customizable rule-based document protection

    Prevents potential abuse and breach of sensitive data by monitoring user behavior against established thresholds.

  • Document level user activity logs

    Maintains a log of all activity alerts generated to assist with audits and other reporting requirements.

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