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OpenText™ Document Presentment for SAP® Solutions provides a platform for enterprise-wide design, deployment and multi-channel delivery of documents and correspondence to people, processes and things. It also enables real-time interactive communications for business users in a controlled editing environment to maintain branding and corporate identity standards.

Why choose OpenText Document Presentment for SAP Solutions?

  • SAP Solution Extension Partnership

    Rely on quality and integration integrity to speed implementations and upgrades based on decades of co-development and Premium Qualification testing by SAP.

  • Omnichannel customer engagement

    Enables business users to create, edit and review documents in real time, seamlessly, within the SAP environment for use in all channels.

  • Business user enablement

    Allows Line of Business users to design and deliver one-to-one messages with targeted content in any type of enterprise document.

  • End-to-end view of business partner documents

    Get a single, complete view of all partner documents with the collaboration and records management capabilities of Extended ECM workspaces.

How Document Presentment for SAP Solutions can benefit business

Reduce design, deployment, and support requirements for enterprise-wide communications to save the effort and cost involved in communications.

  • Cut costs dramatically

    Streamline output systems and processes while relieving IT of ongoing document maintenance and reducing document design, generation, and support costs.

  • Simplify complex communication processes

    Reduce complexity, downstream errors and delays.

  • Enhance engagement

    Communicate with customers, partners, employees and even business processes, with targeted and segmented messages.


  • Seamless integration with SAP Business solutions

    Enables realtime, relevant correspondence and communications to customers, suppliers and partners via high-volume document generation and distribution.

  • Content and design communication tools

    Users are empowered to generate personalized, editable documents in real-time with no coding required and distribute via any channel, directly within the SAP® UI and process.

  • Integration center

    Allows communication in any format with any target, including logistics documents, such as labels, barcodes and delivery notes and customer-facing documents, such as receipts and statements.

  • Single template for multi-language support

    Single document template can support multiple languages, removing the need for multiple language templates to be managed

  • Targeted communications

    Templates can include targeted messages based on pre-defined or dynamic rules to personalize.

  • Batch and on-demand communications

    Supports document batch generation, such as monthly utilities statements, as well as ad hoc generation, such as customer contact and support centers.

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services


OpenText offers deployment choice and flexibility for Document Presentment for SAP Solutions.

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See how customers are succeeding with Document Presentment for SAP Solutions

See how customers are modernizing communication, saving time, reducing costs and simplifying maintenance of enterprise-wide communications.

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