Insider Threat Mitigation

Protect against security risks within the organization

of organizations identify privileged users as their greatest insider threat risk[1]


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Insider threats can be difficult to detect. Whether through malicious intent or simple negligence, current or former employees can exploit inside information regarding the organization’s security practices, data and IT systems.

Mitigating insider threats requires a combination of endpoint and network visibility and enterprise investigation technology to uncover hidden risks before they can do damage.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Increase visibility to catch anomalies

    Quickly detect anomalous behavior indicative of a security breach with increased visibility across the network and at endpoints.

  • Gain advanced threat detection

    Ensure the fastest path to threat remediation with deep insights into the root cause of a security incident and its potential impact to the business.

  • Efficiently recover from security incidents

    Avoid costly downtime, loss in productivity and lost revenue with reduced threat remediation time.

  • Expand off-the-network collection capabilities

    Search and collect relevant information from endpoints, whether the employee is in the office or working remotely with no network connection.

Business impacts

  • Remote workforce risks

    Remote work means more devices and endpoints to protect, some unconnected from the network. Without a full view of enterprise and off-VPN activity, security teams may not see all the risks. Reduce vulnerabilities with a complete view of all activity.

  • Insider threats

    Insiders are more likely to know where high-value information is stored. They are also more familiar with the organization’s IT and physical systems, making it easier to gain access to these systems. Identify and remediate insider threats earlier.

  • Rapid investigation and remediation

    A rapid response to identified internal threats is critical to mitigating damage. That means quickly finding the root cause, analyzing it and taking action. Minimize time to remediation with modern forensic enterprise investigation tools.

  • Network visibility and intelligence

    Security teams need total network visibility to quickly detect and respond to insider threats. Without that insight, differentiating the good players from the bad actors can be challenging. Add intelligence and visibility to network activity.

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