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Enable an ethical supply chain

There is increasing pressure to ensure ethical and responsible sourcing and conduct business in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible ways. Ethical and sustainable supply chain solutions are imperative to meet consumer expectations and protect company reputations. Organizations not only need to ensure that they are doing business ethically, but that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is shared with each supply chain partner.

OpenText™ sustainable supply chain solutions digitally connect and manage all supply chain data in real-time with clear visibility into partner performance, practices and certifications.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Build consumer trust

    Demonstrate ethical supply chain practices and sustainable sourcing to earn a competitive advantage with today’s well-informed consumers.

  • Protect brand reputation

    Track CSR compliance and supplier sustainability to avoid damage to consumer and brand loyalty and financial performance.

  • Improve supply chain sustainability and efficiency

    Enforce ethical and sustainable working practices with suppliers while improving operations and increasing data-driven collaboration.

  • Enhance regulatory compliance

    Meet increasing regulatory requirements around ethical business practices and supply chain sustainability around the world.

Business impacts

  • Supplier ecosystem management

    CSR practices, such as sustainability certification and CO2 emissions, must be tracked to enable enforcement and optimization. Proactively monitor certificate information and manage supplier performance against ethical and sustainability metrics.

  • Ethical sourcing

    Finding, screening and onboarding suppliers to ensure they meet ethical business practices is an ongoing, time-consuming process. Leverage a central repository of suppliers to simplify and accelerate doing business with the right partners.

  • Provenance of goods

    Having visibility into the provenance of goods throughout the supply chain is essential for avoiding scandals, and may even be mandated by authorities. Monitor the end-to-end movement of shipments to ensure buying from the correct sources.

  • Supply chain analytics

    CSR is often overlooked in supply chain analytics due to lack of digital data sources. Improve access to data and derive more meaningful insights on sustainable supply chain management to better understand how it impacts the broader business.

Frequently asked questions

Supply chain sustainability refers to how an organization’s sourcing, manufacturing and distribution process impact people and environments. A sustainable supply chain may include sourcing local materials, working with trading partners that promote human rights, and using low-carbon transportation.

Sustainable supply chain solutions help organizations gain an end-to-end view of the supply chain network. This allows them to identify areas of friction, monitor transportation costs and analyze trading partner performance, as well as automating processes to improve supply chain sustainability.

Developing an ethical supply chain offers a variety of important benefits for your business and consumers, including guaranteeing the provenance of goods, boosting brand perception, and minimizing the impact of your daily operations on the environment.

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