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OpenText Certification Programs

OpenText™ Certification Programs are intense and interactive sessions designed to maximize participants understanding of the OpenText product suite. Participants will find the experience challenging, but highly rewarding.

OpenText Certification Exams

Do you have all the prerequisites and want to go straight to the exam? Below are the Certification exams that are now available for registration:

OpenText Certification Programs

These Programs are intended for those users who have completed the pre-requisite courses and require review and preparation to ensure a pass on the certification exam.

 OpenText Certification - Bootcamps

These sessions are comprised of a combination of accelerated learning and practical experience and networking. Materials used in each course may include, eLearning, instructor-led classroom sessions, lectures from field experts, case study solutions, role playing with a customer, the development and presentation of a project, and final certification exams.

Certification is awarded to participants that obtain a passing grade in the certification exams.

Certification Regulations:

  • All in-class Certification Programs will be supervised by an OpenText Approved Instructor or Facilitator.
  • To receive a Certification, the candidate must obtain a grade of at least 70 to 80% (depending on the specific exam).   
  • If a participant fails an exam, they have the option to re-write it once at a fee of $400 USD. If the second exam is failed, the participant needs to attend another certification session for the standard fees.
  • Participants who pass an exam cannot take the exam again to improve their results. No 'make-up' exams are permitted.
  • Disclosure of exam content and other acts of misconduct during or after the Program completion are strictly prohibited. If such an act occurs, Certification will not be awarded or may be revoked.

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