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EDAX250 - Axcelerate Review and Analysis – Reviewer/Investigator Certification

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Duration: 5 hours plus 1-hour online exam

This remote certification course is intended for Reviewers and Investigators who are interested in learning about Axcelerate’s searching and analytics functionality. This virtual workshop will provide users the opportunity to get hands on experience with navigating the Review and Analysis application, conducting searches, coding documents and performing predictive coding.

Participants will have the opportunity to receive hands on experience with the following areas of the application:

  • General Layout and Navigation
  • Searching via Smart Filter Technology
  • Searching Basics Via Keywords
  • Associated Document – Expansions and Restriction Options
  • Search Query Editor
  • Recent and Saved Searches
  • Visualization Panel
  • Tagging Documents
  • Adding Tagging Values
  • Checking Out/In a Review Batch
  • Review Page Options
  • Foldering Panel
  • Printing Options
  • Hypergraph
  • Concept Browser
  • Executing a Predictive Coding Iteration

Course Syllabus


  • This remote certification course is intended for legal team members like paralegals and attorneys or individuals conducting an investigation of documents that have been loaded into the Axcelerate Review and Analysis application.

  • Pricing

    Format Currency Price
    Per Student at OpenText Site €  605.40 
    Per Student at OpenText Site GBP  513.19 
    Per Student at OpenText Site USD  695.00 

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    Extra expenses: Customer site course prices do not include instructor travel expenses, which are billed separately.

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    Course & Workshop Calendar

    Currently, there are no training dates scheduled for this course or workshop at this time. Please contact us to schedule an on-site course or workshop at your location.