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metaSourceMetaSource empowers customers via intelligent automation

Business process outsourcing specialist streamlines key customer workflows with MetaStor, powered by OpenText™ AppEnhancer



MetaSource helps businesses achieve breakthrough growth through digital transformation. The company offers software and services to eliminate error-prone tasks, data silos and other inefficiencies that keep businesses from reaching their potential.

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  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) offerings were limited to extracting data and sending it back to customers.
  • Aimed to differentiate itself by providing value-added services on top of data capture.


  • Enabled document capture and extraction and custom business logic, delivering seamless results.
  • Provided configurable, fine-grained security options from a single platform.


  • Optimized business processes to address customer needs.
  • Accelerated customers’ AP processes by nearly 70%.
  • Expanded BPO services to win new customers.


  • Unable to address customer pain points with traditional BPO services
  • Rise of cloud technologies created opportunities to differentiate BPM services

For more than 30 years, MetaSource, LLC has helped enterprises across a wide range of industries enhance operational efficiency and achieve digital transformation. Through its eight processing locations, the company empowers functions such as mailroom operations, accounts payable (AP), human resources (HR) and order fulfilment to replace time-consuming paper processes with streamlined digital workflows.

Dennis Barrett, executive vice president of digital transformation solutions at MetaSource, says, “When we looked at traditional business process outsourcing companies serving small- and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs], we saw that many offerings were limited to extracting data and shipping it back to the customer. We identified an opportunity to bring together data capture and intelligent automation, enabling us to offer business process management [BPM] services tailored to customers’ individual needs.”

MetaSource recognized that combining document management capabilities with workflow automation would allow it to address a wider range of customer pain points—a powerful competitive differentiator.

Frank Reavis, director of sales engineering and enablement at MetaSource, comments, “There are often gaps in BPO providers’ services that end up adding friction for the customer. For example, if a key HR document required for employee onboarding is missing, a standard BPO approach means clients won’t notice the document deficiency until their provider has captured the data and shipped it back to them. With workflow automation, we can validate that all the required information is present and inform the client immediately if any important documents are missing.”

Integrating document management with MetaSource's unique business process expertise promised to unlock greater efficiency and agility for its customers than standard BPO offerings. To realize its vision, MetaSource set out to build a brand-new offering.


OpenText is one of the most strategic partners we’ve ever had. They’re not just looking one or two years down the road—they’ve mapped out a vision for the decade ahead.

Dennis Barrett
EVP Digital Transformation Solutions, MetaSource


MetaSource launched MetaStor, powered by OpenText™ AppEnhancer. The cloud-based ECM solution streamlines workflows from end-to-end by infusing intelligent automation into the data-capture process.

Products deployed

Selecting a proven platform

As an approved reseller of OpenText AppEnhancer for over 20 years, MetaSource’s decision to use the solution was a natural choice as it planned its new BPM offering. OpenText AppEnhancer is fast and easy to integrate with line-of-business applications, offering MetaSource a single platform to manage documents from capture to archive and seamlessly deliver the results back into its clients’ source systems.

Mark Hanson, executive director of content management solutions development at MetaSource, elaborates, “Take an AP use case as an example. We can extract data from invoices and then send it directly to the client’s ERP system, with a URL pointing to the original document in MetaStor—enabling faster processing while ensuring compliance with the client’s data-retention policies.”

Barrett confirms that, “We were confident that when customers started using MetaStor they would quickly see the advantages of a cloud-based ECM platform with a powerful workflow engine. That’s exactly how it turned out. Before long, our customers were reaching out with their own automation use cases.”

Customizable security controls

By delivering a single platform for business process automation, MetaStor is highly cost-effective for MetaSource clients. In addition, the integration capabilities and fine-grained security controls available in OpenText AppEnhancer allow the company to build optimized solutions for SMEs.

“Other vendors typically tie ECM licenses to named individual users, but OpenText AppEnhancer offers licenses based on simultaneous user seats—making it well-suited to cloud-style, consumption-based pricing models,” explains Hanson. “Thanks to this flexibility, we can offer our clients an unlimited number of users. They simply pay a single, predictable fee based on the amount of data they keep in MetaStor.”

Hanson adds that, “In addition, OpenText AppEnhancer supports our customers’ preferred access and identity management solutions, as well as requirements around multi-factor authentication and password policies. Every customer is different, and we can configure MetaStor to meet their specific needs.”

Our partnership with OpenText keeps getting better and better, and we look forward to working with them as we continue to evolve and enhance MetaStor.

Dennis Barrett
EVP Digital Transformation Solutions, MetaSource


Demand for MetaStor has grown explosively, with MetaSource and its partners now delivering the BPO solution to a wide range of industries. MetaSource continues to add value by leveraging OpenText technology to develop and extend the MetaStor ecosystem.

Customer needs were quickly met due to optimized business processes

Today, MetaStor is enabling companies to simplify their business processes, unlock new efficiencies and accelerate digital transformation.

“One of the key differentiators for MetaStor is that we can get customers up and running extremely quickly. Many companies come to us for help with an immediate business need, and thanks to our people, processes and the OpenText AppEnhancer platform, we can complete configuration and setup within days of signing up for MetaStor,” Barrett remarks.

The ability to tightly integrate data capture and automation capabilities with its clients’ line-of-business applications is another important differentiator for MetaSource.

As Barrett explains, “With MetaStor, we can adapt to our customer’s requirements, rather than require them to change the way they work to suit our processes. Many outsourcing providers are unable to offer this flexibility, and it’s one of the many capabilities that makes OpenText AppEnhancer the ideal platform for MetaStor.”

Customers’ AP processes accelerated by nearly 70%

By using MetaStor, MetaSource helps businesses to fully automate the AP process.

Colin Graf, associate vice president of marketing at MetaSource, says, “We have helped companies in a wide variety of industries to accelerate AP cycles by nearly 70%, allowing them to strengthen relationships while reducing operational costs. From financial services to manufacturing to healthcare, our depth of knowledge and experience with OpenText AppEnhancer has played a key role in many customer successes.”

BPO service offerings expanded

In close partnership with OpenText, MetaSource is continuing to enhance MetaStor. The company now enables all authorized users to securely access data in the platform via free Android and iOS mobile apps and to contribute content on mobile devices by signing up for a value-added service.

“Our customers also benefit from the enhancements OpenText is making to AppEnhancer. For example, the solution now offers native support for e-signatures via OpenText Core Signature, an enterprise-class solution for approval processes. We also make extensive use of other OpenText solutions to support our customers, including low-code development in OpenText AppWorks to develop our BPM workflows,” comments Hanson.

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