Chapter 10

Leading Through Disruption

By Mark J. Barrenechea


Today, the world continues to face deep challenges. Climate. Social justice. Inflation. Geopolitics. This poly-crisis is exponential and accelerating.

But so are the opportunities for positive change. Organizations have an opportunity to leverage lessons learned during the pandemic to respond to these new crises—and shape a better tomorrow.

Our experiences at OpenText across the past three years underscored the value of the Anticipant Roadmap. We had prepared our employees and our systems for a crisis in advance—we had always tested our technologies, sought out weak spots, and worked to strengthen them. We leveraged our own information and helped our customers manage theirs, so they could quickly adapt. We relied on anticipant teams that deployed AI to understand and respond to the global situation. And we flattened our organizational structure, empowering site leaders to make fast decisions on the front lines.

As a result, our company is positioned to thrive.

Today, OpenText continues to deploy anticipant strategies to guide us through accelerating global disruptions, and to steel ourselves for those still to come.

Prepare yourself

humans, machines and information

While OpenText made technological strides during the pandemic, we are not content to rest. We constantly evolve our digital systems and solutions. We have redefined our business, accelerating at lightspeed into becoming a global cloud company and preparing for a quantum future. We have refreshed our mission to power and protect information.

While businesses face many headwinds, information is the most disruptive force. It is everything, everywhere, all at once. Information is:

  • Abundant
  • Generated by humans and machines
  • Exploding across domains
  • Shared with zero friction and zero marginal cost
  • Used in massive computation
  • Manifested in machine learning, algorithms, modelling and simulation
  • Open and democratized
  • The key to avoiding security events
human brain

Every day, I see first-hand how organizations are leveraging their data to create new digital fabrics. These fabrics help them adapt in a world of hybrid work, shifting consumer demands, digital transactions, and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Today’s most successful organizations are those that adapt to new environments at speed. They are not just keeping pace with change. They are driving it.


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