The Anticipant Organization

A digital survival guide for every organization

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How will you survive the digital future?

Technology is driving civilization’s transformation from analog to digital. This is now every leader’s most pressing challenge.

Achievements in time, speed and scale are changing the way we live. Information is relayed in nanoseconds. New product and service development has never been faster. Key decisions once made by humans are now the domain of intelligent machines.

A survival guide for those who are leading their organizations from analog to digital, The Anticipant Organization explores how to anticipate crises before they hit and thrive in a world of constant disruption.

About the authors

Mark J. Barrenechea, Major General (ret.) David Fraser and Tom Jenkins are pioneering strategists in the boardroom and the battlefield.

Mark J. Barrenechea photo

Mark J. Barrenechea

CEO & CTO, OpenText Corporation

Mark is a recognized business innovator who has transformed OpenText into a $3.5 billion technology company and a leader in information management.

Major General (ret.) David Fraser photo

Major General (ret.) David Fraser

Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee Member, OpenText Corporation

David is one of the most decorated generals in Canadian Armed Forces history and has served as an executive for three different corporations.

Tom Jenkins photo

Tom Jenkins

Chair, OpenText Corporation

Tom is one of Canada’s leading experts on digital innovation. He has served on numerous boards and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.