3-5511 - CX-E Netconnect Digital Networking - On Demand

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Duration: 3 hours

CX-E Voice Netconnect Digital networking is a feature where multiple CX-E systems can be linked together to share directory and messaging information. The feature is used to have disparate CX-E systems in different locations behave has if they were one unified system. The background technology used also allows CX-E to share this information with other voice messaging systems. This course is intended for CX-E administrators who need to manage a Netconnect network and those partner technicians that need to design, configure, and deploy this feature. The course starts with an overview of how CX-E communicates with other systems, and the architectures available for this feature. It will then cover how to install, configure, and administer a multi-CX network. This course does not cover legacy AMIS networking, as it is no longer supported.


  • Overview of Netconnect
  • Configuring CX-E for Digital Networking
  • Installing and configuring a Master Directory
  • Addressing messages to remote subscribers

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the two principal network configurations for Netconnect
  • Describe the different mailboxes involved with digital networking, and how each functions.
  • Describe the three different methods to address a message to a remote user
  • Install the Digital Networking Software
  • Install and configure a master directory
  • Creating a “Star” network
  • Using Global administration to administer all the CX-E systems in the network
  • Review the networking logs to troubleshoot connection issues.
  • Backup and restore a master Directory.


  • Business Administrator



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