3-5505 - CX-E Core Technologies - On Demand

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Duration: 1 day

This course is intended for CX-E partner technicians and those administrators that wish to learn installation and maintenance on a CX-E Voice system as well as those interested in achieving CX-E Administrator certification. This course is geared towards participants that already understand how to install servers, Windows applications, and PBX voice systems. This one-day course consists of both lecture and demonstration that will lead you through understanding the architecture of a CX-E system, hardware and virtual machine planning, integrating, installing and configuring the system for the first time.

We then will progress into system configuration, modifications, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.


  • Overview and fundamental system concepts
  • Hardware planning and configuration
  • System integration
  • Installing and configuring the CX-E system
  • Performing maintenance and troubleshooting tasks

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand CX-E basic concepts and fundamentals.
  • Use the documentation set to plan hardware needed for various systems of different sizes.
  • Describe the four basic types of integration with voice systems.
  • Configure their system so that it integrates with a PBX.
  • Prepare a server or virtual machine for installation.
  • Install the Nuance speech recognition (ASR) software.
  • Understand how to install different speech recognition languages.
  • Install the CX-E software and configure both a system and a call server.
  • Upgrade the system software to a new release and apply patches.
  • Migrate the system to a new hardware platform.
  • Understand how CX-E is licensed.
  • Reconfigure the system by adding or removing a call server.
  • Install a new prompt language.
  • Install and configure a new ASR language.
  • Configure email alerts.
  • Understand how call progress functions.
  • Adding a new tenant to the system.
  • Understand how to encrypt the message store.
  • Use the system utilities to both configure, maintain, and troubleshoot the system.


Business Administrator


  • 3-5501 – CX-E Business Administration
  • Understanding of Windows Server administration as well as networking concepts
  • Understanding of telecom terminology, protocols, and integrations
  • Be certified, or an administrator on a PBX system


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