2-2933 - Understanding and Building Taxonomies

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Duration: 1 day

This workshop explains the best practices to creating and managing your enterprise taxonomies. The class will introduce participants to the science of taxonomies, and help them prepare for their own taxonomy project.

  • At the end of the session, users will be able to:
    1. Define what makes a good taxonomies & understand the underlying concepts
      Identify business and technical needs around taxonomies
      Build and evaluate a taxonomy
      Plan a taxonomy project


  • Session 1: Explaining taxonomies (theory)
    1. History lessons
      Examples of taxonomies
      Functions of taxonomies
      Types of taxonomy
      Business value
      Business needs
      Technical needs
      Buy or build?
      The nature of your taxonomy
  • Session 2: Building taxonomies (theory)
    1. Formal design criteria
      Helpful questions
      Traps to avoid in a taxonomy project
      Taxonomy design errors
      Evaluating quality
  • Session 3: Evaluating a taxonomy (practice)
    1. Analyzing a taxonomy
      Evaluation questionnaire
      Open discussion
  • Session 4: A taxonomy project
    1. Real life examples
      Services relating to taxonomies
      Taxonomy Management (OTCA & CS)
      Taxonomy Automation (OTCA & OTAC)
      Planning a taxonomy project

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    This workshop is primarily intended for users of OpenText solutions (Content Server, Content Analytics, Auto-Classification, Records Management, etc.). It is recommended for Content Indexers, Records Managers and Content Management Professionals.

    However, the non-technical approach that is taken in this training allows for the participation of a wider audience interested in information management.




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