2-0108 - Content Server Business Workspaces

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Duration: 2 days

This two-day course provides you with the knowledge necessary to create Connected Workspaces, a single point of access to all information related to an object or entity. Connected Workspaces is designed with the Content Server Smart UI in mind, but it can also be used from the Classic View UI.

This course guides you through each step of the infrastructure process: beginning with the basics of creating categories, custom columns, and classifications. You will continue creating activity feeds with rules to monitor all the activities related to a Connected Workspace.

After deciding where the Connected Workspace will reside in Content Server, you will create the workspace type which defines the framework for the creation of Connected Workspaces, including its appearance. Next, you will create the workspace template which determines the workspace type, classification, and categories, as well as the contents of the Connected Workspace, such as folders, documents, tasks lists, discussions, and more.

Who will be granted access to the Connected Workspace? After deciding this, you will configure the team roles with their specific permissions, and the team you to access the Connected Workspaces. You will set up the ability to search within the Connected Workspace by creating slices and queries.

The Connected Workspace will then be ready to be created in Content Server based upon this infrastructure using the Business Workspace wizard. For the Smart UI you will create a perspective which controls how users view the layout of the Connected Workspace. By the end of this course, you will work with your newly created Connected Workspace.


  • Get an overview of Connected Workspaces and how to use them
  • Create categories, custom columns, classifications, and activity feeds
  • Create workspace types, perspectives, and workspace templates
  • Define the team roles, permissions, search functionality, and participants

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the key components of Connected Workspaces and how they are used
  • Navigate a Connected Workspace in the Classic UI and Smart UI, including the tiles
  • List Connected Workspace dependencies
  • Grant permissions to the various volumes, object privileges, and usage privileges
  • Create categories for workspace types
  • Create attributes for the category
  • Create custom columns and facets
  • Create Content Server classifications
  • Create activity manager objects and rules for activity feeds
  • Create a root folder for a connected workspace
  • Create and configure workspace types
  • Configure sidebar widgets
  • Configure Content Server Document Templates
  • Create workspace templates
  • Define team roles
  • Assign permissions to the team roles
  • Add participants to the team roles
  • Create search slices
  • Enable indexing and start the indexing process
  • Configure simple search in Classic UI
  • Make custom view searches
  • Create Connected Workspaces using workspace templates
  • Create perspectives for Smart UI
  • Add widgets and tabs in the perspectives
  • Access and work with Connected Workspaces from the Smart UI and the Classic UI


  • Business Analyst, Business Administrator



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