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OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions

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Digital Asset Management in the context of your SAP environment

Monetize and gain business benefits from integrating your digital assets cross your SAP business processes landscape. Rich media is the preferred format for capturing and delivering brand assets and messages of companies, portfolios, products, and services. In some case, these rich media assets are the products or services being offered.
Enterprise-grade digital asset management capabilities support your product life cycle from idea through to manufacture, marketing and sales with customer support. Similar integration with customer-facing channels such as Web, mobile, and catalogue creation all support the vision of a media-enabled business. Further it exposes full transparency to your content supply chain.

  • Control and automate fulfillment and syndication end to end
  • Ensure brand consistency throughout your media content
  • Increase revenue and return on investment via visibility and control of user rights and permissions
  • Integrate rich media into your business opportunities
  • Manage all your digital assets with a single point of management and workflow integration
  • Attract socially networked, informed customers to secure loyalty and brand growth and sustainability

Digital Asset Management in the context of your SAP® business processes

Digital Asset Management in the context of your SAP® business processes

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