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Secure File Sync and Share for the Enterprise

But how can you make sure that private documents don’t become public? What happens if files become lost forever because someone has deleted them from your cloud? Security of information is serious business and isn’t something you want to trust to just anyone.

Striking the Right Balance!

Businesses can’t let their users upload and store files in just any cloud. They need a simple, fast, reliable and highly secure way to share, sync, access, and manage information in the cloud. OpenText, as the trusted source of content and records management, customer experience, and business process solutions for the world’s best-known brands, offers the right blend of cloud like experience delivered on an ECM infrastructure.

OpenText Tempo Box simplifies the content management experience, and allows users to securly sync, share, and store information across all the devices they use, without sacrificing the records management rigor and security demanded by your organization’s internal policies and industry regulations.


  • Store information safely – within the confines of the corporate firewall – while allowing users to work with it as they need, using desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Ensure that compliance and security of information is not compromised while still affording users the flexibility they desire
  • Deliver content on the go - make sharing and collaboration easier than ever, whether at the office, on the road, or at home
  • Protect your information – with Tempo Box, your files are always securely available. If your laptop fails, just retrieve your files from another machine or your mobile device.
  • Make content management a natural extension of how users work in productivity tools today
  • Easily share content that lives in your ECM application without needing to move or copy the content first
  • Transparently integrated into the desktop experience – users don’t even realize they’re uploading content to a document management system!
  • Takes full advantage of OpenText Content Server repository technology, ensuring that audit trails, version control, and permissions are maintained and enforced
  • Instantly synchronize content across any number of computers, tablets, and other devices, ensuring that users always have the latest copy of documents they’re working with – no effort or USB sticks required!
  • Flexible deployment model - organizations can manage OpenText Tempo Box entirely on-premises or, drawing from patent-pending technology and cloud-based hosting, choose a hybrid model that allows organizations to maintain control of the information but offload the effort of maintaining the service to OpenText
  • Tempo Note provides users with an integrated note taking tool to capture ideas, share thoughts, record meeting notes and add context to file sync and share activities.

    To learn more about the OpenText ECM Suite, click here.

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Briefs | Whitepapers

Which Tempo Box is Right For You?

Tempo Box, Content Server 10 Edition - Complete integration with OpenText Content Server 10

Tempo Box, Express Edition - A self-contained OpenText Tempo Box environment that can be used without a previously existing content management system or alongside other content repositories, including OpenText LiveLink 9.7.1

Tempo Box, Cloud Edition - A standalone, completely hosted Tempo Box deployment with managedstorage, security and controls within the OpenText Cloud for a no-hassle experience.