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Asset Builder for Media Management

By  Mediawide UK Ltd

Asset Builder for Media Management is an add-on, which allows localization, customization and resizing of Print and digital marketing material through use of an Adobe InDesign server.

Asset Builder for Media Management brings new functionality to OTMM, functionality which is normally outside the standard DAM UI and remit.  With the Asset Builder for Media Management Add-in, Adobe InDesign templates can be uploaded directly to the OTMM DAM, and added functionalities utilizing the OTMM Restful API, allows these templates to be launched within the HTML5 Editor.     

.Edits can be made such as text changes and image substitutions, but also further design based changes such as font replacement, style changes, text justification, color changes and more.  Images can also be cropped and repositioned within the design.   

Further enhanced changes can be made to the asset, including moving and resizing image and text frames, adding new image and text frames and even deleting them. All of these changes are controlled through permissions, so if strict branding is required, certain editing features can be disabled. Text and Images can also be used from pre-approved folders within the OTMM DAM, leading to an approved branded content workflow.    

Each asset, once localized, customized, can be put into the OpenText Media Management Creative Review workflow.

Mediawide UK Ltd

Mediawide UK Ltd

Mediawide UK Ltd


The Asset Builder is an add-on to Media Management. The solutions currently runs under .NET, and requires a Windows Server.  Adobe InDesign Server licence is purchased under a separate OpenText SKU.

Mediawide UK Ltd

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