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Content Sentry for OpenText Content Server

By  Syntergy Inc

Detecting strange and unusual activity in Content Server is one of the biggest concerns for Administrators and Content Owners. Admins must take every precaution to make sure that valuable company secrets are kept secure and away from competitors.

Use Cases:   

  • Monitor Content Server for anomalous activity   
  • Identify and secure sensitive content in libraries   
  • Prevent data breaches to avoid negative impact on the corporate brand and lawsuits   
  • Ensure your customer’s data is securely being handled inside your organization 
  • Bulk scan content prior to migrating to Content Server or OpenText Cloud  
  • Perform ad-hoc scans to detect sensitive content during E-Discovery or Audit 


Browsers: All standard browsers    

Servers: Content Server Version Content 10.x, 16 on UNIX® and Windows®   

Databases: Oracle®, SQL*Server®    v

Syntergy Inc

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