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The Document Wizard

By  tcf. BV

The Document Wizard is a correspondence solution that offers a step-by-step document creation workflow. It allows employees and clients to collaborate during the creation and approval of ad-hoc documents ranging from simple letters to complex contracts, anytime, anywhere.

The Document Wizard provides professional document creation capabilities for the enterprise. Extending the workflow to include the creation of a document, The Document Wizard ensures companies that all documents are made using a fixed, predefined process. The solution offers a web based document creation environment that allows the user to create a document based on selections and decisions. By switching from the traditional writing of documents to interactively building them using predefined text and images, the whole customer communication process is reduced in time and costs.


Using single sign-on and easy integration with existing applications (SAP/Microsoft Dynamics/Oracle), The Document Wizard offers a seamless document creation process. Users can create, edit, approve/reject documents. They are able to route documents throughout the company for additional editing of complex multi-level approval workflows. All documents can be produced multi format and multi channel, so communication can take place according to the receivers’ preferences. All documents are automatically archived. All activity that is done within the application is stored and can be retrieved for a full audit trail. Documents are created using a document workflow, the user is presented with a set of predefined questions, upon answering the document is created in real-time and is visible at all times to the user.

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