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Extended Dynamic Views

By  Element Technologies, LLC

Extended Dynamics Views is an administrative utility for eDOCS that enables a high degree of customization of eDOCS Dynamic Views for matter-centric legal systems and complex organizations with disparate user requirements.

Extended Dynamic Views from ADV provides complete flexibility in constructing Dynamic Views to allow your users to locate and save documents in the most natural way for them. With EDV, you can

  • Provide distinct structures for different user or practice groups
  • Eliminate clutter by excluding irrelevant document types from a view
  • Ensure that all documents are discoverable in the relevant view, with no documents hidden in an excluded folder
  • Eliminate the display of empty folders, or require specific folders to always be displayed whether empty or not
  • Optionally allow users to create sub-folders any way they like, or with restrictions
  • Use the "My People" view to automatically share subscriptions with collaborators


Matter-centricity the easy way

  • Use out-of-the-box templates to rapidly deploy common legal industry views
  • Speed adoption without sacrificing the granularity of your metadata
  • Facilitate in-place evolution of matter-centric data structures
  • Accommodate the preferences of different practice groups
  • Display only document types that are relevant to the type of matter
  • Maintain key data structures while allowing users to personalize their folder trees
  • Allow assistants to subscribe to attorneys to automatically see the attorneys' subscribed matters

But there's more!

  • Create view levels with or without a parent/child data structure
  • Create view levels from any profile data, including text and multi-value fields
  • Create view levels from constants
  • Use complex logic to and/or mapping tables to display folders based the characteristics of any higher levels
  • Navigate to the same content via different paths
  • Export subscriptions from a view and import into a new view
  • View ad hoc folders in remote libraries

Accommodate different roles in your complex organization

Now the only limit on your Dynamic Views is your imagination! Take this example, one of an infinite number of design possibilities:

A commercial real estate company has several groups of users that want to organize their documents in distinct ways.

  • A leasing agent wants to choose a client company, then drill down to each of the properties that the client occupies, followed by folders for document types, but displaying them only if they relate to leasing and contain documents.
  • A property manager wants to choose a property, then drill down to a tenant, then to the tenant-specific document types related to the property management function. In addition, she also wants to find documents for that property that are not related to specific tenants, and she may wish to optionally apply document sub-types of her own devising to further categorize documents.
  • Another user wants to navigate by geographic location, locating all the properties in North America, USA, Louisiana, or Baton Rouge.
  • And, to complicate the matter further, a single document may pertain to more than one tenant and/or more than one property, or may pertain to a property but not to a specific tenant, or to a geographic region but not to a specific property. It will have to be displayed in multiple places in the Dynamic Views tree.

Sounds impossible? With EDV, all of these users can get what they want!

And it's easy to deploy!

  • Nothing to install on user workstations
  • EDV Admin view builder can create simple views in minutes
  • EDV templates allow creation of common views instantly, to be used as is, or to provide a convenient starting point for further customization
  • Save views to files and deploy from test to production or to remote libraries in minutes


There are numerous EDV solutions for all kinds of environments. Explore your options and watch demo videos at

Element Technologies, LLC

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