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OpenText Power Tools for Archiving by Global Cents

By  Global Cents

GCI Power Tools for Archiving safely extracts and archives completed workflows, eSign workflows and audit information from OpenText Content Server into a secure archive enabling the application of Records Management retention and disposition policies.

Archiving and records management form an integral part of information governance within regulated and many non-regulated industries. For such organizations, the requirement to keep large quantities of audit data and workflow histories can result in degraded system response times and increases the risk of legal liability. In order to optimize your Content Server interface performance and eliminate these legal risks, this information needs to be periodically extracted and securely stored within a records managed archive.   

PowerTools for Archiving addresses these critical performance and legal issues. With PowerTools for Archiving you can archive Content Server information such as workflows, [electronic signature (eSign) workflows] and audit logs, storing them back into the repository as managed XML files. Optionally, any original data from the underlying database tables can also be removed. This results in a reduction in database size and an increase in the performance of the overall environment.   

Want to see more? Then watch the quick PowerTools for Archiving intro video

Global Cents

Global Cents

Global Cents


  • Extract and archive audit and workflow data 
  • Securely archive eSign workflows and attachments 
  • Apply records management retention and disposition policies to archived data 
  • Unable to modify archived content 
  • Reduce size of Content Server’s underlying database

Global Cents

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