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WincTools for eDOCS

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

WincTools is the ultimate set of administrative tools for OpenText eDOCS. Combining over 120 individual utilities into a single, easy-to-use program console, WincTools provides most everything needed to support any OpenText eDOCS environment.

The WincTools Suite provides OpenText eDOCS administrators with the critical tools needed to support and maintain their systems, regardless of the size, number of locations, and complexity of the installation.    The WincTools Suite is ideal for organizations looking to reduce effort and manual oversight, increase the productivity of their support staff, and improve overall end-user satisfaction.

Wertheim Global Solutions


WincTools’ extensive feature set safely identifies and removes obsolete or unused validation data, replicates documents and validation data across libraries, re-assigns document security, batch exports, and imports documents, runs SQL statements, compares data and database structures between libraries, you name it, WincTools or one of its optional add-on modules can probably do it!   

WincTools functions are divided into the following categories:   

  • Enterprise functions, which operate across all libraries in the enterprise; 
  • Library functions, which operate within the framework of a single library; 
  • Table functions, which operate on the contents and structure of a table;   Validation Table functions, which operate in the contents of validation data; 
  • Row functions, which operate on individual row(s) in a validation table; 
  • Report functions, which operate on the results of a query or report. 
  • Scheduled functions, which run specific tasks on a scheduled basis.   


  • Remove and reassign users 
  • Re-secure documents and folders 
  • Purge Activitylog 
  • Export to validation-data-based directories 
  • Identify missing & zero-byte files 
  • Identify missing profiles 
  • Cleanup workspaces 
  • Run SQL without a SQL client 
  • Compare table contents and synchronize differences 
  • Cleanup validation data 
  • Restore missing and zero-byte files 
  • Reports! Reports! Reports!

Wertheim Global Solutions

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