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Velocious Supplier Relationship Management Application

By  Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd

With the Velocious Supplier Relationship Management, enterprises could automate the engagement with their suppliers across the lifecycle, from RFP/RFI issuance to supplier registration, issuance of PO, receiving electronic invoices, invoice processing and payment intimation.

The solution combines the unique features of AI Chatbot, OCR and integrations with the Accounts Payable / ERP solution to deliver a differentiated experience.

The solution acts as an interface between suppliers and buyer organizations. The solution provides a fully automated and seamless experience right from collecting and validating onboarding documents to then creating user accounts for suppliers to leverage for future engagements.


Velocious SRM application can be leveraged by AP and procurement teams. It can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems such as SAP.

Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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