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By  FabSoft, Inc.

MOST is a document scanning solution capable of scanning documents into RightFax from the convenience of your copy machines. FabSoft has maintained this advanced connector over 15 years. Real time communication to RightFax phone books, transmission status and cover pages.

MOST is an enterprise MFP scanning solution. For over 17-years FabSoft’s MOST product has server the largest implementations in the world. With just one visit to the copy machine, documents can be securely printed and or routed by email, fax, document management system etc.   

MOST has been designed to provide the best user experience possible. Take document scanning and routing, an essential part of any company's daily routine, and make it a more efficient, accelerated process with this premier solution.


RightFax version 16  Windows Server 2012, 2016 & 2019 (64-Bit only)


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FabSoft, Inc.

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