3-6165 - OpenText Magellan Fundamentals

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Duration: 2 days

This two-day hands-on course covers the latest evolution in OpenText Magellan and is intended for participants who wish to get an overview of the Magellan platform and then to focus on the core Magellan architecture, interfaces, and tasks to an administrator level.

The course begins with an overview of the Magellan platform and its positioning, products and architecture. From there, participants will dive into the core Magellan components such as the data lake, Magellan Launchpad, the data lake dashboard, and other core Magellan interfaces.

The class will then investigate these core Magellan components in more task-oriented detail such as adding data to the data lake, deploying data to Magellan BI & Reporting, monitoring Magellan HDFS services, and managing data and pipelines in Magellan Notebook. Participants will also get an overview of using Magellan Text Mining to crawl ECM systems and websites.


  • Magellan platform, positioning, architecture and components at a high level
  • Role of each component in the Magellan platform
  • Access common Magellan web pages to perform administrative and operational tasks and applications
  • Monitor Magellan services using Apache Ambari
  • Obtain data using Magellan Data Discovery
  • Load data into Spark repository using Data Discovery
  • Deploy analyses to Magellan BI & Reporting
  • Upload and download data into/from Magellan Notebook
  • Create and run a crawler job
  • Analyze data with Magellan Data Discovery
  • Navigate and work with the Magellan Text Mining landing page and Magellan Text Mining activity dashboard
  • Import mined analysis from Magellan data lake into Magellan BI & Reporting  

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the Magellan platform as well as its architecture, data flow, and components including storage (i.e. data lake) at a high level
  • Explain the role of each component of the Magellan platform at a high level
  • Discuss the Magellan data lake repository and the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS)
  • Launch and navigate Magellan components with Magellan Launchpad
  • List popular Magellan web pages for common tasks and applications
  • Monitor Spark services with Apache Ambari
  • Add and obtain data to/from the Magellan data lake using different methods
  • Work with the Magellan Notebook including uploading and downloading data and managing learning pipelines
  • Describe Magellan Text Mining at a high level and how its data is used by Magellan BI & Reporting
  • Display mined data with Magellan BI & Reporting and analyze data with Magellan Data Discovery Export mined data-analysis results to Magellan BI & Reporting


  • Intermediate Administrators
  • Prerequisites

  • Familiarity and/or experience with some or all the Magellan platform products (e.g. OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting, Magellan Data Discovery, Magellan Text Mining, Magellan Integration Center) would be helpful but not necessary. For Magellan Notebook, some programming experience (especially with Python, Scala, and/or R programming) is suggested but will not be needed for this course.
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