2-6161 - Cognitive Strategy Workshop

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Duration: 4.5 days

OpenText™ Magellan™ is a flexible, artificial intelligence-powered analytics platform. It combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade business intelligence, and capabilities to acquire, merge, manage, and analyze big data and big content stored in your enterprise information management (EIM) systems.

Designed for IT executives, business analysts, and data owners, this new strategy workshop is tailored to your organization’s needs. You receive best practices and practical advice for implementing Magellan so you can get the most from your structured and unstructured data. The workshop is provided on-site only for up to 10 attendees by 3 consultants (Business Intelligence Analyst, Cognitive Analyst, Data Scientist).

Big Data & Big Content Strategies (0.5 day)

In this introductory session, we will discuss high level objectives and insights that can be gained from big data and big content sources. Covering the possibilities of the analysis of structured content, unstructured content, and even the combination of both, this will be a guided brainstorming session to uncover business goals and the possibilities presented by Magellan.
  • Introduction to Magellan Methodology
  • Review customer objectives
    • Short term goals
    • Long-term vision
  • Brainstorming
Data Scoping & Governance (1 day)

In this session, we will introduce the Magellan Methodology. Learn the questions to ask while scoping how well the data suits your business questions. We will discuss best practices for handling security and access concerns as well as understanding update schedules for analysis and reporting.
  • Defining Business Questions
    • Feasibility analysis
  • Identifying and Assessing Data Sources
    • Source locations and access
    • Rate of change
    • Volume
    • Defining data for a pilot
Semantic Metadata (1 day)

In this session, you can learn how to extract different types of semantic metadata from your unstructured textual content with OpenText Content Analytics (OTCA), and turn it into insights for discovery and other applications.
  • Introduction to Content Analytics
    • Distinguishing semantic metadata
    • Concept extraction, entity extraction, categorization, and more
    • Applications and benefits of content analytics
  • Introduction to Content Analytics Management Console & Metadata options
    • Interactions with the engine
    • Overview of the interface
  • Content Analytics Maturity Model (CAMM) or Unstructured Data and Discovery Solutions
Data Modeling (1 day)

In this session, we will discuss best practices for data preparation and early analysis. Learn how to identify candidate features of the data and prepare them for the next steps.
  • Detailed Data Analysis Techniques
    • What is the structure of the data
    • Field level assessment
    • Quality assessment
    • Relevancy assessment
  • Data Preparation Techniques
    • Data types
    • Creating bands
    • Data segmentation
Algorithms (0.5 day)

In this session, we will walk through the steps of applying algorithms to data including feature selection, testing, and validation.
  • Introduction to algorithms
    • Supervised and Unsupervised
    • How to know which type to use?
    • What kind of output to expect
  • Applying algorithms to create models
    • Feature selection
    • Testing
    • Validation
  • Publishing pipelines to BDA

Visualizations & Information Distribution (0.5 day)

In this session, we will discuss the mechanisms for sharing insights and information on across your enterprise.
  • Overview: Information distribution across the enterprise
  • Secure Access
    • Application Access
    • Data Security
    • Internet Vs. Intranet Users
  • Real time Vs. Batch reporting
  • Self-Serve Reporting
  • Leveraging APIs - Integrating Visualizations into custom applications
  • Exporting content to various formats: PDF, DOCX, EXCEL, CSV, etc.

For more information, and to schedule a Cognitive Strategy Workshop at your location, please contact us at PorfolioAnalyticsPS@opentext.com.


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