3-1117 - OpenText Email Filing, eDOCS Edition

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Duration: 0.5 days

Email Filing integrates seamlessly with eDOCS DM to help you manage the many Microsoft Outlook emails your organization receives daily.

There are different components included with the Email Filing software on the server: Filing Service, Server Marker, Purger, and Auto Subscription. The Common Configuration Manager is the central manager to configure all of these services. You will learn to set up the Email Filing Services prerequisites including a Workpath with the proper permissions and add specific registry keys to map Email fields.

On the DM client, you will learn about the following possible installed components: Filing, Marking, and Filing Assistant. As you save emails, the Filing Client on the server processes the emails that have been sent for filing from the DM Client. You will be able to apply categories (flags) for the saved and unsaved email. Marking indicates which emails have already been saved for easy identification, and Filing Assistant helps you profile emails by using the metadata from previously saved emails and DM Folder locations. There are also a number of optional Outlook add-ins what can be installed using Email Filing Outlook Integration.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to install and configure the Email Filing components on both the DM Server and the DM client to work with your eDOCS DM installation. The optional Enterprise Connector module extracts the emails directly from the Exchange Server to be processed.


  • Install and configure Email Filing Services
  • Install Email Filing Client
  • Configure Email Filing Library
  • Install and configure Email Filing Client Configuration Manager

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the Email Filing Architecture
  • Create Workpath directory and assign permissions
  • Configure Email Bulk Filing
  • Run SQL scripts to configure the eDOCS DM database
  • Install and configure Email Filing Services
  • Configure Email Filing using Common Configuration Manager
  • Configuring Exchange Server impersonation
  • Install Email Filing Client
  • Configure Email Filing Library
  • Install Microsoft Outlook add-ins
  • Install and configure Email Filing Client Configuration Manager
  • Use Email Auto Bulk Filing, Email Marker, Email Filing Assistant, and Quick File to file emails
  • Describe the Exchange Connector




3-1115 – Implementing Document Management using DM or one year field Experience with DM Administration


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