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OpenText™ Extended ECM offers document management capabilities that help organizations securely capture, index, organize, store, secure, track and dispose of documents. Extended ECM Document Management increases employee productivity, reduces storage costs, meets corporate mandates and enhances information governance. 

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM Document Management?

  • Proven solution

    Leverage a leading solution that has supported the digital transformation of thousands of public and private organizations globally.

  • Secure, unimpeded information flow

    Simplify the enterprise-wide flow of information without compromising security, usability or employee productivity.

  • End-to-end content services provider

    Access a complete content services suite, including capture, content management, business process automation, application integration and archiving and disposition.

How Extended ECM Document Management can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Extended ECM Document Management.

  • Enhance critical decision-making

    Ensure all content is easily accessible, reliable and can be shared seamlessly to boost user productivity and enhance decision-making.

  • Reduce storage costs and total cost of ownership

    Digitize and store information in a secure, scalable repository that manages high data volumes at different document lifecycle stages to reduce operational costs.

  • Work anytime, anywhere, on any device

    Offer distributed teams access to edit important documents and participate in business-critical processes on their chosen device.

  • Automate information governance

    Adhere to security, compliance and privacy regulations with industry-leading records management practices and remove the risk of ad-hoc information exchange.

  • Do more with documents

    Leverage expanded capabilities to action documents using integrated workflows, workspace-enabled applications or enterprise process application integrations.

  • Deploy and run anywhere

    Implement on-premises, in a hybrid environment or in preferred clouds, such as Google Cloud PlatformAWSMicrosoft Azure or the OpenText Cloud.


  • Content organization

    Captures content from a range of devices, such as scanners or mobile phones, directly into a destination folder or team workspace and uses built-in features to auto-classify and add metadata to documents.

  • Easy document creation and editing

    Allows users to drag-and-drop new documents or versions from the desktop and author or co-edit in Microsoft 365 while managing the document lifecycle in the Extended ECM repository.

  • Instant search

    Enables local or enterprise-wide full-text or natural language querying with a sharable search results overview and preconfigured search forms for roles or teams.

  • Business Workspaces

    Provides fast access to pertinent information in a simple-to-digest view and allows users to organize content, data, people and tasks related to a project, case or goal.

  • Simple and intuitive UI

    Provides a customizable, role-based home screen with quick access to recently accessed content, workflow assignments, favorites and business workspaces and presents business-critical information in visual reports and dashboards.

  • Information security

    Enables up to nine permission levels and a detailed audit trail on documents, folders or workspaces for granular access control in compliance with corporate policies.

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