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TerraLink xDE

By  TerraLink LLC

TerraLink xDE is a SAP certified solution that enables the exchange of electronic business documents in accordance with Russian legislated regulations.

Why TerraLink xDE?

The Document Exchange Providers (DEP) function as intermediaries between organizations to facilitate the exchange electronic documents. There are at least nine leading DEP providers certificated by the government in the Russian market of which an organization can choose for document exchange services.  Companies engaged with a variety of suppliers and clients will need to utilize several DEPs as a result.

Engaging with multiple DEPs requires substantial manual effort to populate data from and back to the ERP system for each DEP proprietary user interface. This is time-consuming and adds additional costs. TerraLink xDE replaces manual, error-prone, and expensive data-entry and data-extraction processes with automatic document sending and receiving inside SAP ERP thus minimizing risk, reducing costs, and boosting productivity.

Who will use TerraLink xDE?

The primary market is the companies, which are global multinationals and/or Russian resident entities that are currently doing or planning to conduct business in Russia utilizing the OpenText Extensions for SAP Solutions. TerraLink xDE is especially advantageous for corporations that desire to minimize their risks and the costs of their business exchange processes while seeking an advantage by changing their communications with clients from paper to a digital format.

Those who are not doing or planning to do their business in Russia can also use TerraLink xDE along with TerraLink’s unique knowledge in the area of digital interchange to streamline their electronic document exchange requirements.

Principal requirements of the Russian regulation

  • Since 2012 Russian legal entities are able to use electronic documents in business transactions.

  • Formats of electronic VAT invoices and other several key business documents are determined by the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

  • Digital documents should have an electronic signature to ensure the protection of information with a support of approved cryptography standards and certified by law.

  • Digital documents must be exchanged through the existing DEP, and this provider has to have met specific technical requirements of the Russian government.

What is TerraLink xDE?

TerraLink xDE is a product for document exchange between customers and vendors inside the SAP interface. It provides the following features:

  • Automated profile creation for incoming and outgoing documents

  • Access to detailed information about document transmission

  • Local and server-side application of Digital Signature

  • Document cancellation

  • Auditable document status tracking

  • Automatic SAP record generation as a result of the document sending/receiving

Benefits for Customers

TerraLink xDE provides substantial benefits for a variety of key business functions and roles.

Chief Financial Officer

  • Minimize a size of work capital needed

  • Reduction in required labor costs and associated headcounts

  • Dramatically reduces the flow of paper

  • Reductions of manual data-entry inaccuracies and errors

  • Minimize time and pains of audits

  • Minimize time needed to adopt changes in the tax regulations

Chief Accounting Officer

  • Reduction of human errors and in-efficiencies while processing documents

  • Guarantee of document acceptance and VAT returns

  • Prompt replies to requests from tax authorities

  • Ability to view XML document both in the source and in the traditional printed view

Chief Client Service Officer

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Accelerated communications with clients

  • Instant payment receipts/requests

Chief Information Officer

  • Compliance with the corporate technical policies

  • Minimize TCO

TerraLink LLC

TerraLink LLC


Important facts about TerraLink xDE

  • Support for nine different Document Exchange Providers using the same product

  • Supports both Federal Tax Service of Russia electronic documents formats and EDI in the same product package

  • Deep SAP ERP integration with rich functionality

  • Flexible technical architecture for multinational customers

  • Flexible licensing policy

  • Ability to support structured documents regulated by Federal Tax Service of Russia and free‑formatted unregulated documents including Microsoft Office and PDF formats

  • Developed and registered in the Russian Federation; Supported worldwide

  • The only product on the Russian market scalable to the industrial enterprise level

Value added by industrial means of EIM from OpenText

TerraLink xDE takes advantage of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tools from OpenText to the maximum possible extent.

All electronic business documents, either received from or prepared to be transferred to the counterpart via channels of document exchange providers are located in the OpenText Archive Server and linked to the corresponding info record in SAP ERP.

Additionally, all technical stamps generated by the network operator according to existing protocols of transmissions are stored in the Archive with the operator’s notifications about errors or exceptions encountered during transmission.

Together with other business documents relevant to the given SAP info record and archived with using other methods, this approach provides the single source of the truth constituted by the exhaustive set of all accessible business and technical documents. All the information can be exhibited in the DocuLink views, if necessary.

Alternatively, electronic business documents together with their technical stamps can be located in OpenText Content Server and be accessible directly from the SAP info record with the use of Content Workspaces of the given Business Object.

Advantages of TerraLink xDE architecture

TerraLink xDE is designed specifically to generate and exchange electronic documents with company’s business partners via DEP.

TerraLink xDE can be adopted to the international business networks, i.e., Ariba or OpenText Cloud.

The TerraLink xDE’s architecture provides the following advantages:

  • Minimizes interference to the ERP system while installing and updating the TerraLink xDE solution

  • Minimizes interfaces variety for users

  • Complies with Russian regulations regarding encryption usage and information protections

  • Ability to use SAP Document Access by OpenText and/or SAP Extended ECM by OpenText to keep the processing records of electronic business documents and associated technical stamps

Benefits of TerraLink xDE - summary

TerraLink xDE reduces costs and drives efficiency by automating the generation, exchange, and acceptance of legally compliant digital business documents. Integrated with your SAP ERP system, TerraLink xDE supports the newest formats required by Russian tax authorities and provides maximum coverage of your counterparties by supporting the nine major document exchange providers.

TerraLink LLC

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