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OpenText Document Linking for Content Server by Cad-Capture

By  Cad-Capture Software Solutions Ltd.

OpenText Document Linking for Content Server by Cad-Capture (AIM) suite provides the ability to Identify, Extract, Correct, Collate and Activate the Asset Tag information within engineering drawings (including AutoCAD and Microstation drawing formats) and searchable PDFs.
Cad-Capture’s AIM suite allows users to add value to the information held on their Assets by vastly improving the quality of, and access to, Asset Tag details in their native CAD files and PDFs. AIM consists of Asset Xtractor and CaptureVue HotSpots and can update and operate with both OpenText’s Content Server and eDOCS ECM.  Once the Asset Tag info is extracted and corrected it can be uploaded to the meta-data within the OpenText ECM – making the Tags fully searchable. The  AIM suite then allows the barriers between structured and unstructured information to be removed using Cad-Captures CaptureVue HotSpots solution - so information, documents and drawings in separate systems (e.g. ERP & AM) can be automatically linked to asset tags and document/drawing names when they occur in drawings, allowing the information/document to be referenced and/or retrieved with one click of a mouse!  


Cad-Capture's AIM suite consists of Asset Xtractor (AX)  and CaptureVue HotSpots. AX has a CAD and PDf module for handling different document types - and a QA module for visual checking of results.

Cad-Capture Software Solutions Ltd.

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