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Media Archive

By  One Fox B.V.

One Fox Media Archive is a web-client that combines the best of both the eDOCS and Esri worlds. Offering you a new way of finding and accessing your safely stored media files through the map.

One Fox Media Archive allows eDOCS users to easily access, preview, open and edit their multimedia files through an easy to use web-client for eDOCS. Complete with full integration of your Esri maps and layers. This integrated map gives you an entirely new way of finding relevant media files quickly and easily.


One Fox Media Archive presents all your media files stored in eDOCS at a single glance. No more searching for that one video, audio or image file. You get an instant preview of each file. Media Archive even supports one-click instant playback for movie files. Additionally, you can connect your media files and data to their geographic location and display them on the map. By displaying your files within their geographic context, you get a complete overview of your media archives on the map.

One Fox B.V.

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