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By  One Fox B.V.

eDAV is a WebDAV connector that allows you to access eDOCS DM/RM safely over the internet. Anytime, anywhere. Even if you don’t have access to the eDOCS client.

One Fox eDAV is the bridge between DIV and your end users. Helping them utilize different ways of unlocking their documents in eDOCS over the internet through a wide range of applications. Discover new ways of accessing your safely stored documents in eDOCS.


One Fox eDAV allows you to access eDOCS documents over an HTTP connection (internet, intranet or extranet). You can directly open, read and edit documents on any device (PC, mobile tablets and phones) through any application that supports WebDAV. eDAV gives you direct access to your eDOCS platform from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows 8) with a wide range of existing apps. While respecting all the established rules and rights in eDOCS and keeping your documents safely stored in eDOCS.

One Fox B.V.

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