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By  DocsCorp

pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF management application that integrates with business applications and systems to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when assembling, editing and distributing business-critical documents in PDF or PDF/A.

Businesses have long recognized the importance of  the Portable Document Format (PDF) when  distributing documents via email or for document  management. The problem has been that too many PDF solutions are expensive, making it impossible to put the power of PDF on every desktop.   pdfDocs enables you to share documents safely, collaborate on joint projects, and assemble, edit and publish documents relating to a specific project within a single project workspace. With pdfDocs, you can secure and protect documents and document content, and increase workplace efficiency through integrated workflows.



pdfDocs can be accessed through MS Word and  installs with out-of-the-box integration with:   OpenText Content Server  OpenText eDOCS DM  OpenText Enterprise Connect  MS SharePoint  ProLaw 


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